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  • Lucy Twigger

Everyday makeup tips and tricks

I don't know anyone that wouldn't want to save time in the morning and still look fab, so I have put together a few everyday tips and tricks to speed up your morning beauty routine.

1 - My first tip is to use a BB or CC cream. You can put it on with your hands, most of them have an SPF and you can always put some concealer over the top to give you more coverage where its needed.

2 - Eyeshadow sticks are a great way to define your eyes and save time. Choose a warm colour, browns, rose gold, gold, whatever suits your skin tone. A little bit of shimmer is flattering on everyone's eyes no matter your age, despite what you might have been told!

3 - Use a cream blusher on your cheeks and pop a little on your lips too. choose a shade that is fairly bright, this will make you look fresh and radiant all day.

4. I always think having lots of mascara on opens up your eyes and makes you look and feel more awake. Choose either a black or dark brown mascara that's water resistant do it doesn't run.

5 - Tinted brow gel is a must for me for my everyday makeup look. They add definition to your brows, keep the hairs in place and give them a slight colour without looking too done.

6 - My final tip for your everyday makeup look would be to carry a face mist in your bag. You can spray this on top of your makeup throughout the day to hydrate your skin and refresh your makeup.

Lucy xx

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