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Prep your skin for your wedding day.

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

It's never too early to start taking care of your skin, especially if you're getting married so I have put a list of my top tips to ensure you have that J-LO glow on your big day.

1. Try not to get too stressed - I know its easier said than done when planning a wedding, but it really does have a big impact on your skin. It can make the skin look dull and cause breakouts so try and stay calm and relaxed.

2. Get plenty of sleep - Another one that may seem obvious but not only will your skin thank you, you'll also be more productive if you get 8 hours sleep therefor reducing stress too!

3. Drink more water - Drinking at least 4-5 glasses a day will help flush out the toxins from your body. This will leave your skin looking radiant and clear. It will also make the skin look plump and will reduce dehydration lines particularly around the eyes.

4. Find the right skincare - First thing to think about when looking for skincare is what your concerns are and what skin type you have, then you can find the right products for you. Here is a list of products I think are great staples but might not suit all skins.

This is a great morning cleanse that will remove any excess oil and dirt from the night before without stripping the skin.

- Caudalie Vino Perfect serum

This is the perfect serum to start using before your wedding day. Its hydrating and it also helps to even the skin tone.

- Ven Effect moisturiser

This is a moisturiser for a more mature skin. It helps with hormonal changes in the skin and improves elasticity.

- Drunk Elephant Lala Retro cream

This is a lightweight moisturiser that you can use day and night to plump up and hydrate the skin. Makeup sits really well on top of it too so that's why I use this in my personal makeup kit.

- Drunk elephant Umbra Sheer Physical SPF

Its very important to prtect your skin from UVA and UVB rays, even in the winter. This will help slow down the aging process and protect the skin from other damage.

- Emma Hardie cleansing balm

This is a rich balm cleanser that you can massage over your face and eyes to remove makeup and break down SPF. It comes with a cloth which you can use warm water with to remove the cleanser.

- Pixi Glow Tonic

This Glycolic exfoliator is a staple in your skincare routine. It will gently exfoliate, leaving the skin glowing and brighter. its gentle enough to use everyday too.

- Codex Beauty Face Oil

Using an oil at night will help re balance and hydrate your skin. No matter what your skin type this is going to be good for your skin. The Codex Beauty oil is a dry natural oil with a complex developed by the brand to boost moisture, firm and sooth the skin.

After your daily routine I would suggest a face mask once or twice a week. I love the lush ones as they have lots of different ones for your skin type and concern.

Most of all enjoy the lead up to your wedding and if your skin isn't cooperating that's ok! I have some great makeup products to enhance your skin.

Lucy xxx

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